Safety in an Innovative Way, Window Coating for Privacy

Do you feel that hanging curtains or applying blinds is outdated for modern homes? You are right! Modern architectures require modern privacy strategies. Applying window coatings for privacy has become a norm in today’s world. Creative Window offers a wide range of window coating options for your privacy needs. We are an absolute choice for individuals seeking privacy engraved with UV protection.

Window Coating is a glass covering made of special polyester powder, paper, or a metallic substance that protects your window glass. We will explore window coating options for isolating your homes from unnecessary hindrances. This article is a complete guide to choosing the suitable coating for privacy according to your window type. Let’s delve into the following window coating for privacy guide.

Which window coat suits Privacy?

There are more than 14 types of window coatings available on the market. Creative Window offers a variety of privacy shields in the form of window coatings or window films. We are discussing three widely used privacy coats in this publication. The window coating names are as follows,

  • Blackout/Whiteout 
  • Translucent
  • Mirror image

Now, let’s see the uses and benefits of these three window coatings in detail.

Blackout Window Coating

Blackout window Coating, also commonly called whiteout window coating, is for individuals who want complete privacy. By this, we mean that if you wish for double-sided image blockage, blackout coatings are for you. A high-quality PVC material or metallic paint is used for this window coating. The privacy coating protects your furniture and floor from damage. Even during the daytime, you can enjoy a night view with these whiteout window coatings. 

Usually, blackout window coatings are used in highly sensitive areas where complete privacy is needed. Use them in your government secret offices and sometimes introverted residencies for complete isolation.

Translucent Window Coating 

Translucent Window Coating is a polyester sheet, specifically PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). It blurs the image. With this type of coating, you can see a light shadow on the other side. Instead of completely blackening the rooms, these coatings give your windows a frosted or milky effect. With these frosted window coatings, you are likely to achieve privacy without being completely drenched in darkness.

We prefer to use them in bathroom separations, office cabins, or school staff room privacies. They will give you a light effect without spoiling your personal space.

Mirror-image Window Coating

The reflective or mirror-image window coating is annealed glass. During the process, a layer of metallic or metallic oxide is added, creating a reflecting effect. Aluminum, silver, and sometimes gold are used for the process.

With this window coating, you can see the outside view, but the outside world is unaware of the inside. These types of coatings are widely used in offices to keep an eye on employees. Also, school principals prefer using mirror window coating on their glass windows or walls. Reflective coating provides one-sided security.


A house with windows must find a way to hide from the creepy eyes around it. Creative Window provides a solution to this problem. A wide range of beautiful and affordable window coatings for privacy are available. Three major types of coatings used for privacy are reflective, blackout, and frosted window coatings. A blackout provides complete solitude; light does not enter through a blackout-coated window. Frosted window coating allows you to enjoy daylight without compromising on privacy. The reflective coating makes your life private while allowing you to pry on the outside. You can apply whatever type suits your sanction needs.

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